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IoT & Automotive

Consumer Robots

Robotic mowers and other small robots utilize GEODNET to localize and navigate with centimeter precision


IoT and Automotive applications demand high-precision, global-coverage, and low-cost Positioning

GEODNET’s RTK Service is already being used in IoT applications and it is developing partners today for Automotive usage.

GEODNET Features dense regional stations throughout North America, Europe, Australia/NZ and Growing Coverage in other regions such as India.


GEODNET stations are triple-frequency full constellation with a consistent geodetic grade receivers and antennae.


GEODNET provides unique business models such as low-cost wholesale data and revenue share to enable cost-sensitive consumer IoT and Automotive applications.


GEODNET’s RTK service is easily private labelled and customers to Your Brand’s needs.

“Robotic Mower customers need centimeter precision and do not want to install base-stations. Prior to GEODNET, there was no affordable option for our customers.”

Yuefan Chen




Professional applications demand best-in-class accuracy and traceability to local coordinate datums.

GEODNET’s RTK Service is already being used in Drone and Survey operations around the world.
Vertical Accuracy

GEODNET’s dense station coverage minimize rover-to-base distance maximizing vertical accuracy. The result sub-inch vertical accuracy is achieved.


GEODNET stations are positioned and monitored using a PPP algorithm. This provides data traceable to established coordinate datums.


GEODNET full-constellation triple-frequency data streams provide maximal computability with existing and new equipment alike.


Don’t fear multipath and harsh conditions, triple-frequency four-constellation data streams significantly improve RTK-fix reliability as compared to most older city and state RTK networks.

“The Rock RTK Network, which utilizes GEODNET station data, is helping our customers be more productive in their field operations.”

Harrison Knoll




Feeding the world’s population requires increasing the adoption of precision agriculture.

GEODNET’s affordable sub-inch positioning service makes it easier than ever for all farmers to use the latest equipment and practices preventing position drift and map drift.
No Base-Station Required

GEODNET’s coverage in rural farm areas is continually growing and adding a new station is very easy. Using a network RTK service like GEODNET, removes the need to install a costly base-station near each field

Partner Friendly

GEODNET flexible revenue-share business model makes it easy for a wide range of dealers, OEM, and partners to bring the GEODNET service to farmers in familiar ways.


GEODNET’s service supports standard NTRIP connectivity and is being used on several leading autosteer systems in the field today. UHF radio connectivity options are under investigation.


Compared to other RTK services designed for agriculture, very affordable. Say goodbye to expensive annual renewals.

“For quite some time now, DST has been searching for an affordable and easy option to provide farmers with RTK accuracy, eliminating steering overlap and opening the door to other farming practices they couldn’t do before! It was an easy decision to partner with the GEODNET Foundation because GEODNET’s affordable RTK is both easy to use and works on all major brands.”

Joey Koebelen


Web3 & Gaming


Web3, Gaming, and many mobile applications depend on accurate location.

GEODNET is crafting a mobile SDK to enhance precision guidance by improving position and orientation accuracy, alongside offering cryptographically secure proof-of-location on demand.

By comparing raw satellite signals collected in the phone itself to GEODNET station data, a “spoof-proof” location is generated.

Location Accuracy

Using real-time GEODNET data can improve the phones native location accuracy, by three to ten times.

Accurate Pointing

Real-time GEODNET data can also greatly enhance the orientation of the phone, and specifically the “compass” direction the phone is pointing.


GEODNET will support the generation of on-chain verifiable data for location and time. This can be used in many applications to secure the token transactions.

“GEODNET’s innovative use of Satellite Signals and Blockchain opens the doors for new web3 experiences.”

Raullen Chai


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